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Collaborative & Transparent

The ExeQfind Group’s 20+ years of success are tied to our collaborative model of search and recruitment. We leverage our network, industry expertise, use of data and speed in collaboration with your unique insights to efficiently deliver the best available talent for your mandate.

Executive Search Strategy

Each search is launched with an initial client consultation where we work with you to identify and prioritize your objectives for hire. From there we write and develop a position description that includes both the broad strokes of the role but also of the nuance needed for success. This new position description that we refer to as a “Candidate Briefing Document” also incorporates elements to promote your employment brand (for non-confidential assignments).

Candidate Research

Utilizing our collective decades of experience, we deliver fresh research on each search. Drawing on the benefits of being part of the world’s largest alliance of boutique executive search firms (IRC Global Executive Search Partners), we utilize years of benchmarking best practices to create what is now – best-in-class methodology. We talent map your market and each relevant sector to ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing data for you to make an informed decision about your next executive hire.

Candidate Identification & Assessment

We leverage our best-in-class database, social media and networking resources to begin the process of direct contact with key talent. We call directly into those people we identify as possessing the skills, leadership and industry experience aligned with your needs. We then qualify and evaluate candidates through extensive phone and video interviews to create a short-list that we will further vet via more in-depth engagement and reference checks.

Executive Candidate Reporting

This process is highly collaborative as we check in with you to gain your insights into our findings as we move forward. You will receive real time status reports on our progress coupled with any relevant and available market intelligence. These status reports provide you with an avenue to add your input to the process. Your input can be invaluable to further refining the process as we move forward with engaging the preferred candidate/s.

We utilize one of the executive search industry’s most advanced CRM systems and have been early adopters of CRM technology, having done so in the year 2000 when the technology was relatively new. We have been archiving data for each and every search ever since which allows us to leverage KPIs and other historical tracking to ensure that each assignment is launched with accelerated momentum.

Candidate Onboarding

Our work doesn’t stop with a signed offer by your desired hire. We work with you to determine a suitable process for checking in on the successful hire’s first six to twelve months with your organization. Any transitional issues are quickly identified and we work with you to resolve them.

Furthermore, we guarantee every leadership hire for one year. If a placement does not – for any reason – remain with your organization for one year, we will conduct the search again, invoicing only for expenses. Our meticulous process ensures the search is done right the first time and that we rarely ever have to exercise our guarantee.

Contact Warren Carter at 619-921-1795 to learn more about how our processes can be leveraged in your next leadership hire.