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    We are proven experts at sourcing, engaging and securing talent across the full range of modern agriculture, agribusiness, ag-technology, ag-inputs, animal & plant health, processing as well as the organic food sector. We have 20+ years of experience recruiting senior management and executive leadership roles in industries ranging from the dirt to the dinner plate.


    We have helped consumer-focused companies with identifying, assessing and recruiting management and leadership talent that is responsive to the highly competitive landscape of today’s market. We have deep experience in the consumer product, hospitality & leisure, as well as retail, apparel and luxury good sectors. Our consultants bring their industry experience to bear on the practical application of executive search along with an understanding of the influences of digital and emerging technology platforms that apply to consumer-facing businesses.


    We support companies that choose to incorporate cultural diversity and inclusion strategies in their employment requirements. Our own diverse array of executive search consultants mirrors the multicultural diversity that varies by geography, culture, language and industry. Diversity for us, is the mix of people which includes differences in race, ethnicity, gender, national & regional cultures, sexual orientation, disability, and generation.


    The changes within the financial services sector calls for leaders that are customer focused to achieve revenue growth, they need to understand the digital landscape and an increased demand for risk management as well as increased investor and regulatory scrutiny. The ExeQfind Group offers experienced executive search consultants that understand today's market landscape for retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services, fintech and insurance sectors.


    The ongoing pandemic has underscored the urgency of expanding the norms of healthcare. The lines previously separating pharma, biotech, medical devices and healthcare systems is increasingly blurred. We offer search consultants that understand the trends reshaping this industry sector and can help you recruit leadership talent with vetted qualifications, verifiable performance and cultural fit.


    Our industrial clients include smaller, middle market and large global corporations and range from the traditional manufacturing sectors to private-equity backed companies leveraging deep related patent portfolios being produced using nexgen manufacturing processes.

    With the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) representing the largest trading bloc globally, we are uniquely positioned to serve clients with interests across these borders through our depth of industrial search experience and market presence in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


    Clients turn to The ExeQfind Group to find talent aligned with market demands, organizational strategy and culture. We are supporting clients in a range of marketing, strategy & management consulting as well as clients providing business & legal services and process outsourcing. Additionally, we have successfully led searches within the public and not-for-profit sector as well.