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The ExeQfind Group understands that great management and leadership talent often requires deep technical or functional expertise. That’s why we approach each search assignment with a methodology of gaining the understanding of what your specific needs are. We then customize the search engagement to achieve your specific objectives and dynamics.

Our search consultants are former functional leaders that have lived the challenges and pressures you face. Working with The ExeQfind Group gives you access to the kind of deep insights that can only be attained through trusted, long-term relationships spanning years and oftentimes careers.

While you will most likely be interfacing with a partner managing your search, you can be confident that he or she has the collective backing of more than 350 search consultants across 90+ offices in 45 countries with relevant functional expertise to your need for transformational talent.

Here is a representative sampling of search assignments by function, role and industry that our search consultants have collectively completed.

Chief Executive Officer / President
Agribusiness, Apparel, Beverages, Engineering, FMCG, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate
Chief Marketing Officer
Food Processor, Healthcare, Industrial
Chief Financial Officer
Agribusiness, Community-based Hospital, FinTech, FMCG, Industrial, Media, Telecom
Chief Human Resources Officer
Agribusiness, Healthcare Provider, Industrial
Chief Information Officer
Healthcare Provider
Chief Investment Officer
Family-owned Corporation, Energy Company
Chief Information & Security Officer
Energy Company
Chief Operations Officer
Beverages, Food Processing, Industrial Supply, Manufacturing
Chief Procurement Officer
Building Materials, Automotive Electronics
Chief Economist
Country General Manager (Brazil)
FMCG, Food Processing, Industrial, Insurance
Country General Manager (Canada)
Building Materials, Consumer Electronics, Horticulture, Medical Devices
Country General Manager (Mexico)
Aerospace, Agribusiness, Aquaculture, Automotive, Consumer Durables, Financial Services, FMCG, Industrial Supply, Manufacturing
Country General Manager (USA)
Agribusiness, Automotive Supplier, Beverages, Industrial Machinery
Corporate Counsel
FMCG, Industrial, Real Estate Development
Director, Farm Ecosystems
Digital / Precision Agriculture
Director of Food Safety & Quality
National Food Company
Director, Green Services & Standards
Real Estate Development
Director of Grower Services
Organic Farming
Director of Innovation
Sustainable Agriculture
Director of Philanthropy
Director of People & Culture
Food Processing Equipment
Director of Supply Chain & Logistics
Automotive Supplier, Industrial, Manufacturing
Director of Trade Compliance
Automotive Electronics, Industrial
Director of Trading (Edible Oils)
Food Processing
Executive Director
Regional Chamber of Commerce, Organic Farm & Holistic Spa
General Manager
Ag Processor, Animal Health, Beverages, FMCG, Industrial, Manufacturing, Pet Foods, Crop Nutrition, Row Crop Seed
Head of Research
Field crop seed & genetics
Managing Director
Building Materials, Environmental Technologies
Partner, Financial Advisory Services
Professional Services
Precision Farming Director
Ag Tech
Senior Vice President, Adjudication, Financial Markets
Tier One Bank
Vice President, Business Development
Agribusiness, Financial Services, Industrial
Vice President, Claims
Senior Vice President, Client Development
Professional Services
Vice President, Client Services
Financial Services
Vice President, Commercial & Professional Sales
Building Materials
Vice President, Consumer Insights & Analytics
Vice President, Corporate Development
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Global Food Company, Mutual Funds
Vice President, CRM & Digital Marketing
Consumer Durables
Senior Vice President, Development
Real Estate Development
Vice President, Environmental, Health & Safety
Energy Company
Vice President, Human Resources
Agribusiness, Food Processing, Healthcare, Industrial, Insurance, Manufacturing
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Energy Regulatory, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mutual Funds
Vice President, Financial Markets & Real Estate
Global Bank
Vice President, Fund Administration
Mutual Funds
Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing
National Retailer
Vice President, Marketing
Agribusiness, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Industrial Supply, Global Bank, Global Food Company
Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Vice President Manufacturing
Aerospace, Automotive, Building Materials, Edible Oils, Electronics, FMCG, Luxury Goods, Medical Devices, Textiles
Vice President, Media
Global Food Company
Vice President, Mental Health Services
Healthcare Group
Vice President, Mobile Data Services
Vice President, North American Sales
Agricultural Machinery, Luxury Goods
Vice President, OD & Training
Global Food Company, Medical Devices
Vice President, Operations
Agro-industrial, Industrial, Building Materials, Food Processing, Machinery & Equipment
Vice President, Operations & Infrastructure
Financial Services
Senior Vice President, Operations
Consumer Durables
Vice President, P&C Sales
Vice President, Planning & Logistics
Consumer Durables
Vice President, Policy & Risk Management
Financial Services
Vice President, Product Development
Global Retailer
Vice President, Product Innovation
National Grocer (Canada)
Vice President, Public Relations
Energy, Industrial
Vice President, Quality Assurance
Global Food Company, Medical Devices
Vice President, Research & Analytics
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives
Senior Vice President, Pharmaceuticals & Logistics
Vice President, Pharmacy Services
Healthcare Group
Senior Vice President, Sales
Building Materials, Industrial
Building Materials, Industrial
Agribusiness, Athletic Equipment, Horticultural Production, Industrial, Manufacturing, Organic Foods
Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
Consumer Durables
Vice President, Strategy & Digital Media
Global Media Company
Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management
Vice President, Taxation
Energy Company
Vice President, Tax & Estate Planning
Financial Services
Vice President, Total Rewards
Tier One Bank
Vice President, Trade Marketing
Consumer Products
Vice President, Wealth Products